04 Dec 2021

Mentoring Walk is a global event that convenes established women leaders and emerging women leaders to walk together in their community. Click to view photos from global walks on vitalvoices.org's beautiful Exposure Photo Gallery

The mentoring program focuses on establishing a connection between accomplished women of substance and young/aspiring women leaders in the community.  The approach to this mentorship is three-pronged: professional, social and emotional. Through these processes participants will be building trust in one another through conferencing/meeting, observation, coaching and the development of growth plans and actions. It will inspire and challenge mentees to change their thinking to positively seeing themselves succeed, lead and inspire others.  Ultimately it will nurture a community of dedicated women leaders who will in turn impact younger women’s lives.


Vision, Mission, Objectives

Vision: A community of empowered women living lives worthy of emulation who have long term positive impacts on their communities.

Mission: To continuously inspire a new cadre of young women leaders

Key Objectives

1.      To highlight the need for mentoring as a means to positively influence the lives of women in our society

2.      To identify role models for younger women

3.      Personal, social and career development inspired by the lives of women

4.      To encourage dialogue between the older and younger generation of women on common issues in order to impact the community in which they find themselves.

Who is a mentor?

A mentor is "a trusted counselor or guide” or “a wise, loyal advisor or coach."
They possess vast personal and social experiences to share and are willing to do so with their mentees.  They serve as a trusted confidante over an extended period of time, usually free of charge.

Institutional mentors are also being explored – where mentees are not only mentored by the mentor, but will also experience the entire institution, in which the mentor works.

Their reason for doing this is most importantly as a way of giving back or paying their opportunities forward to their community and to society at large. Contact us to be a mentor.

Who is a mentee?

Mentees are young women who have demonstrated signs of dedication and focus, who have displayed leadership skills, passion and enthusiasm.
They could include women who run their own businesses, work in the private or public sector, or are just completing a tertiary institution.

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Mrs. Gillian Hammah (Chief Marketing Officer- Databank Group) was and is still my mentor and I am a Customer Service Representative at Databank; from Internship - National Service Person - Contract Staff. I persisted, learned and worked to sail through. It was not smooth but was worth adapting and n ...

My Mentorship experience has been awesome. I attended Mentoring Walk when I had to participate in an interview process at the UN Information Center and I clearly needed direction on the activities of the UN in Ghana. My Mentor, Madam Mercy Konadu guided me and I passed the interview. I was invited t ...

Thanks to Mentoring Women Ghana, during my shadow week I had the opportunity to sit on an interview panel with my mentor (Angela Dedo Kofi), and the mock interview with Unilever helped me to know presentation is key.

Ivy Antwi (Mentee) (2015)

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Mentoring Women Ghana is a non-profit organization established in Ghana whose objective is to grow young women through mentoring by more mature and accomplished women, and through sports,  in order to imbue them with leadership qualities with which they can positively impact their communities. Our main programs are Mentoring Walk and Hoop Sistas Club.

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