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11 Apr 2014





Wed. 24th Feb.


8.30 am-10am


6.30 pm

Arrival of Mentees in Accra


Breakfast meeting for mentors


Welcome reception at Hotel for mentees

Mentors may be in attendance

Hotel to be identified

Outline activities for the period

Thur. 25th Feb.




9.00 am – 12.00noon



1.00 pm













Breakfast at hotel


Visit to Women in Government

Chief Justice, Speaker of Parliament and  Parliamentarians, Ministers


Lunch at a selected restaurant

(Mentors’ speaking session/Orientation/Expectation)


Visit to Sponsor(s)/Talk on Women’s Rights



Return to hotel


Dinner at mentor’s/sponsor’s home





Panel of speakers to address the mentees


Mentors recount personal/professional experiences.

Conference room of Institution


Mentor/sponsor may opt to host mentors & mentees

Friday 26th Feb.





















Visit to World Bank - Introduce mentees to opportunities for women-run businesses,

Bank’s Interest in Gender activities etc.


Visit to institution headed by a Woman





Visit Sponsor


Return to Hotel


Cocktail reception








Leadership discussion


Leadership discussion continues



Tour of sponsor’s institution



All partners

Sat. 27th Feb

8.00 am


6.30 pm




Mentoring Walk

Rufus Green Parks

Followed by panel discussions


Movie Night at Accra Mall for Mentees


Dinner for mentees only


All partners participating

Sun. 28th Feb

Free day for mentors/mentees

Mentors may choose to engage mentees in family activities

Mon. 1st - Friday 5th March – Shadowing Week

Working with/Shadowing Mentor

Mentors will be encouraged to involve mentees in their day-to-day activities throughout the week.

Friday 5th Mar  8.00pm

Closing Dinner

All participants - Mentors, Mentees, Sponsors, all participants)

Saturday 6th Mar




Mentee’s breakfast & programme evaluation meeting



Mentees depart



April, June, August & October

Group Networking sessions in various regions

Follow up on Mentoring Walk 2010


  • I’d like to be a mentee (Form)
  • I’d like to Mentor (Form)
  • Donate/Sponsor
  • Volunteer to assist
11 Apr 2014

The Concept

The 2010 Mentoring Walk will be 10-day programme during which participants will receive leadership training along with institutional visits/meetings with top level women in government, business and NGO’s. These accomplished women will share their experiences as well as the challenges and rewards of their portfolios and lives with the younger ones.  They will share their time, talent and expertise in business with the next generation of women business leaders.

The program will give the mentees a better understanding of how business, public sector and nongovernmental organizations operate.  Interacting with these women leaders will give them greater insight and inspiration to strive higher to play a role in the development of their people, community and nation.   The details of structure and style will be left to the discretion of mentor/mentee team to decide.

High-profile women leaders from a variety of professions will be paired with younger women who share similar passions and dreams of breaking into their fields of expertise or interest. It will help create opportunities for younger women to jump-start their careers, with the intent that they may evolve or lay the groundwork for longer-term, meaningful associations with other younger women.

15 Apr 2013

Mentoring Walk 2009

For science, music, sport, etc, Europe uses the same vocabulary. The European languages are members of the same family. Their separate existence is a myth. The languages only differ in their grammar, their pronunciation and their most common words. as a skeptical Cambridge friend of mine told me what Occidental is. Their separate existence is a myth

11 Apr 2014

Mentoring Walk 2009

27th & 28th February 2009

High-profile women leaders from a variety of professions were mobilized to walk and talk with younger women who share their passion and dream of breaking into their fields of expertise. It helped create opportunities for younger women to jump-start their careers, with the intent that they may evolve or lay the groundwork for longer-term, meaningful associations.

The Walk targeted 40 women to mentor 40 young ladies between the ages of 18 and 30 starting with an orientation session for mentors and mentees on 27th February, and a walk on 28th February 2009 at Rufus Green Parks.  Each mentor was paired up with a mentee. The two walked together for a maximum of 2 hours as the mentor shared experiences in the areas of career, personal and social development, while the mentee asked questions where required.

The walk was followed by panel discussions where the participants shared their various experiences and discussed issues relevant to the women – professional, health, social and personal.

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Mrs. Gillian Hammah (Chief Marketing Officer- Databank Group) was and is still my mentor and I am a Customer Service Representative at Databank; from Internship - National Service Person - Contract Staff. I persisted, learned and worked to sail through. It was not smooth but was worth adapting and n ...

My Mentorship experience has been awesome. I attended Mentoring Walk when I had to participate in an interview process at the UN Information Center and I clearly needed direction on the activities of the UN in Ghana. My Mentor, Madam Mercy Konadu guided me and I passed the interview. I was invited t ...

Thanks to Mentoring Women Ghana, during my shadow week I had the opportunity to sit on an interview panel with my mentor (Angela Dedo Kofi), and the mock interview with Unilever helped me to know presentation is key.

Ivy Antwi (Mentee) (2015)

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