HOOP SISTAS Basketball Club will be formed in various parts of the country with Accra as the start, particularly areas with less-privileged girls, with the aim of empowering them by

  1. Teaching them to play basketball in the S.T.A.R. (Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Attitude, Respect) spirit  as in the (W)NBA values
  2. Teaching the essence of sports, health, fitness and wellness
  3. Educating the girls in life and social skills – social values, self-esteem and responsibility
  4. Identifying girls who are talented in various fields and helping develop them to pursue their education in these areas in order to become leaders in those fields.
  5. Mentoring them into professionals, mothers, role models and global ambassadors (as WNBA players are).

HOOP SISTAS, will be a platform to have girls and young women learn from women leaders in their community and by so doing also improve themselves. It is an effort to engage and motivate more women to aspire to become leaders politically, socially and economically while building their physical ability through regular club meetings.

These clubs are a means of promoting women’s basketball to overcome the stereotyped view that it is only men who play any sport, including basketball, and that women’s basketball is also worth watching and celebrating. Benefits of these clubs will be that these young women and girls will also be growing and developing in their various areas of interest, while showcasing basketball as a sport to be played by women.

This helps develop women professionally, socially and personally. These clubs aspire to be the avenue through which the girls can learn and play while they in themselves aspire to lead, inspire others and create changes in their lives.

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Mrs. Gillian Hammah (Chief Marketing Officer- Databank Group) was and is still my mentor and I am a Customer Service Representative at Databank; from Internship - National Service Person - Contract Staff. I persisted, learned and worked to sail through. It was not smooth but was worth adapting and n ...

My Mentorship experience has been awesome. I attended Mentoring Walk when I had to participate in an interview process at the UN Information Center and I clearly needed direction on the activities of the UN in Ghana. My Mentor, Madam Mercy Konadu guided me and I passed the interview. I was invited t ...

Thanks to Mentoring Women Ghana, during my shadow week I had the opportunity to sit on an interview panel with my mentor (Angela Dedo Kofi), and the mock interview with Unilever helped me to know presentation is key.

Ivy Antwi (Mentee) (2015)

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Mentoring Women Ghana is a non-profit organization established in Ghana whose objective is to grow young women through mentoring by more mature and accomplished women, and through sports,  in order to imbue them with leadership qualities with which they can positively impact their communities. Our main programs are Mentoring Walk and Hoop Sistas Club.

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