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28 Jan 2015

Selina Agbana Ayelsuma

I participated in Mentoring Walk 2010 and was paired with Anne Sackey. I must say the experience has been great and I’m still in touch with Anne.

When I participated in this walk all I wanted to do in terms of a career was become a journalist but Anne helped me to have an open mind to attempt anything related to that profession.

After completing Ghana Institute of Journalism in 2010 the school took me on as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for national service- part of the first badge that started the TA programme. I got a job with Stratcomm Africa as a Communications Officer. The experience was over whelming and set me on my career path as a communication specialist. This wouldn’t have been possible if Anne hadn’t supported me to have an open mind about career opportunities. I am currently at Access Bank and I am praying for good counsel and strength on this new journey.

 I want to use this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation and admiration for the opportunity you gave me through this platform.

Selina  Agbana Ayelsuma (2010)