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28 Jan 2015

Miranda Quainoo

It has been three years since I participated and I am absolutely grateful. My mentor, Gertrude Apkalu and I communicate regularly. I saw her this Christmas at a charity event I organised for an orphanage at Kasoa. She came with her family to support me and made a donation with her brother.

She has been my number one cheer leader. Not only does she support and advice me but supports my friends too. She goes out of her way to support me and I am so grateful for the opportunity Mentoring Walk has given me –A friendship for life.

Please honour her in the next event. She is a true mentor!!!

I also founded an N.G.O called Pass-a-book-on three years ago. Pass-a-book-on aims at spreading literacy among children. We organise reading clinics for children in schools and communities and also donate books to children in rural areas. Here is a link to the blog I am also a founding member of a Social Media Initiative called SHARE YOUR LUNCH; we identify deprived communities and go there to share food with them. A few places visited include Jamestown, Chorkor, Darkuman, Bubiashie, Sodom and Gomorrah, Abbossey Okai and Obrachire (in the Central region). I landed a good job in cooperate Ghana (my mentor was my referee in my job application). I work full time at Centre for Development and Intercultural development (CEDIC). CEDIC is the CSR unit of STRATCOMM AFRICA. She has been genuinely concerned about every area of my life. I am hoping that I will get a chance to do something special for her at the next launch-just to tell her how much I love and appreciate her!

Thank you for Mentoring Women. It inspired me. I am currently mentoring a few teenagers. One of them is visually impaired.

Miranda Quainoo (2012)