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28 Jan 2015

Josephine Aku H Ecklu

I participated in the 2012 edition of Mentoring Walk. Currently, I am in the Netherlands pursuing a Masters programme in Sustainable Food Process Engineering at Wageningen University.

After participating in the 2012 edition of Mentoring Walk, I had the opportunity to visit the United States to under study women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, I also had the opportunity to take part in the Vodafone World of difference where I volunteered at a NGO known as Street Girls Aid. Taking part in the Mentoring Walk boosted my confidence and since then I have managed to take up leadership roles and also strived to make a difference anywhere I find myself.

My mentor's name is Victoria Blankson , she is an architect who helped design the Ridge church building. We have kept an effective communication since I left Ghana.

I must say I am really blessed for having had the opportunity to take part in the 2012 Mentoring Walk. I wish you and your team more blessings from God in the coming years.

I hope one day I can also contribute meaningfully to Mentoring Walk.

Josephine Aku H Ecklu (MFT) Wageningen University, Sustainable Food Process Engineering group, The Netherlands (2012) 

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