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03 Aug 2011

Mentoring Walk 2010

The Concept

The 2010 Mentoring Walk will be 10-day programme during which participants will receive leadership training along with institutional visits/meetings with top level women in government, business and NGO’s. These accomplished women will share their experiences as well as the challenges and rewards of their portfolios and lives with the younger ones.  They will share their time, talent and expertise in business with the next generation of women business leaders.

The program will give the mentees a better understanding of how business, public sector and nongovernmental organizations operate.  Interacting with these women leaders will give them greater insight and inspiration to strive higher to play a role in the development of their people, community and nation.   The details of structure and style will be left to the discretion of mentor/mentee team to decide.

High-profile women leaders from a variety of professions will be paired with younger women who share similar passions and dreams of breaking into their fields of expertise or interest. It will help create opportunities for younger women to jump-start their careers, with the intent that they may evolve or lay the groundwork for longer-term, meaningful associations with other younger women.

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