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Each club will be expected to meet at least 4 times per month.  With each of these mandatory meeting days, various programs will be drawn up after training day as below:


Week 1                -              My role model/my inspiration/my mentor

This program will introduce a successful woman to the club members, who will tell them about her life and how she has made it thus far.  These women are likely to be mentors from the Mentoring Walk programme


Week 2                -              What I have learnt

At the end of every first week’s meeting, club members are given various magazines and periodicals to choose from and at the end of training this week, they will discuss what they read or learnt.  The aim of this is to encourage them to read, explore, research and be able to express themselves confidently and to give them exposure to what exists outside their ‘small’ world.  They may choose to do their ‘research’ beyond the given periodicals and rather use the internet or other resources available to them.


Week 3                -              Careers

People (preferably women) in various careers will be invited to give a talk in their various fields.  These will be carefully chosen in order that they are relevant to the fields of interest of club members.


Week 4                -              Fitness & Health

While this meeting day will be full of training, endurance and game play, time will be set aside to give talks on health, fitness, nutrition, hygiene, personal development, self esteem etc.  A doctor/health practitioner or expert in those particular fields will be invited to do these presentations.  On occasion some health screening might take place – breast cancer, blood pressure, random blood sugar, BMI etc.

Should there be a fifth week, it will be dedicated solely to basketball training, skill and play.

The program might vary with different clubs since these ‘resource persons’ will be rotated from club to club.